A downloadable game for Windows

Epic MegaJam 2018

Icelands is a short survival game with story line.

Its my second attempt to make a game, and as far its biggest one.


Icelands EMJ2018.rar 728 MB


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Watch where you're aiming.. 

Sorry lad, it was accident. No hard feelings ;)

Really enjoyed the game. Took me a while to understand what's going on but this is why I like it. You're thrown into the world, have to figure out what's going on and then try not to die to see how it ends and boy it's a treat.. 

Hey, thanks for feedback, i hope u enjoyed this small game :)

Im really bad with game dev so its amazing that someone like my work :)

I´m suprised how climatic it is! I felt everything - fear, tense, sadness and delight. Dialogues are kinda funny and voices... Where is goddamn replay button?! It´s better than ASMR! :D I didn´t knew exactly what´s going on. I´m finding it nice that Iceland is more than only a survival. Nice areas, mindfuck n work on my potato. Jemiouszka Approve! ♥ 

Thanks, im not sure if this one is good, but thanks, i will work on my skill and maybe someday my games will be good :)

Hi Devs,

I found "Iceland" at 6am this morning and thought I'd have a quickplay. I managed to last about 13 minutes before I died of hyportherma becuase I got lost but this is a great little hunting project. The cabin looks cool. The scenery looks great and I found myself while out hunting thinking "ah, what's that in the distance" only to zoom in to find it's a leaf.

The shooting aspect is pretty accurate and overall I enjoyed this. This is my first video but after I've had a power nap I intend to another play but overall, well done.

In the end of managed to get 4 kills but I got lost and the cold weather got the better of me.

Good Luck DEVS


Thanks for feedback, i will work some more on this title soon. it was made in 3-4 days just for Epic MegaJam2018 and its my first game with some more mechanics then nothing. expect more stuff and better gameplay soon :) Love your gameplay :)